AudiTT is equipped with 1.8L Turbo four-cylinder engine is basically derived from the same plant S3 cars, although only 1.800CC displacement, but because of the support of Turbo, 180 horsepower is also the ideal value. In order to fight the issue Engine After the great potential owners in many ways to make a perfect fit modification, so this AudiTT more escape feeling. First, the main engine retains the original setting, but considering AudiTT the engine is too tight, is not conducive to Turbo turbocharger thermal conditions. So car owners to switch on the large front mounted Intercooler pressurized air to meet the needs of rapid cooling after the problem.


In addition, 1.8T engine Skoda 1.8 turbocharger Throttle front section, and more on the NOS system, so that the intake air temperature dropped to mate apart, Yiling narrow molecular gas mixture, so that a greater amount of the mixture into the cylinder combustion, in Turbo mixed with NOS, the horsepower to play a really extraordinary, abnormal plenty of power. As for the exhaust system, the dead air hose from the Mainland special casting production, dovetail design with dual tail drum group N, smooth over the exhaust efficiency is also very loud, so more racing experience when driving. In control, AudiTT inherent advantages can be described using a Volkswagen Golf, Audi chassis development by making improvements and strengthened.


Frame aspect has been able to cope with the needs of any detours, and drive systems, Audis quattro permanent four-wheel drive system TT coupe is the key to the smooth curve without fear. Under normal operating conditions, quattro system distributed power 50:50 front and rear wheels of the way when it comes to low friction surface, the power distribution system will be adjusted to 25:75 or 75:25; even in different left and right wheels Under the road conditions, EOL can impose slipping wheel while braking, and transfer excess power to the wheels on the other side, thereby enhancing the grip of the car, to enhance the performance of TT coupe of detours. suspension system E36 Coilovers, in addition to active quattro outside the system, Rilstein the owners to replace the cutter teeth pss9 shock machine products, its hard and soft Kudan force can make fine adjustments of shock-absorbing force adjustment, so that drivers were more intense in the sense of control when cornering, more stable when the vehicle driving while pss9 advantage of a shock force is excellent, even in the uneven road, can also provide sufficient driving comfort.